Travelling With Kids

Believe it or not, this year will be the third time that my children (ages 5 and 8) have been to Europe.  Up until my thirties, I was a completely inexperienced traveller, beyond the odd camping trip or visits to Grandma’s house.

When my husband first pushed to take the kids to Europe, I was completely against it.  It made absolutely no sense, in my mind, to spend thousands of dollars to go to a place where they could not simply run around and explore.  I pictured us dragging around exhausted, whiny, bored young boys from one church to another.

To an extent, I was completely correct.  There were those days when “I told you so” was a phrase I barely contained in my head (uttering it aloud would have been nothing but trouble).  The kids were whiny and exhausted and even sick.  But those times were only confined to a few days, and on those days, only a few hours or even just moments.  They rest of the days were full of family time, exploring new places, enjoying food and chasing pigeons.

I now know that my children can handle going anywhere, so long as they are with us.  My husband happily spends his hours after work planning our next trip down to the most minute details (his most favourite stress-busting hobby) and I actually even join in.  I am still embarrassed to admit to people that we travel to expensive places with our children often.  Why wouldn’t we just take them camping or let them run around the neighbourhood?  Point taken.  We just like it…that is all.  We like it all year round, from the planning to going.  It is part of our story, now.

I invite you to follow along as we adventure!

Our First Trip to Europe (2010)

Our Second Trip to Europe (2011)

Our Third Trip to Europe (2012)

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