Posted by: jwhiff | October 26, 2018

Great Websites for Middle

Visual Patterns: so great for giving kids lots of practice generating equations with variables.  Also great for inspiring kids to create their own patterns.

Fraction Talks: a variation on number talks.  Bring up an image, choose a section of the image and ask…what fraction is shaded? Can extend this by challenging students to shade in sections of images (Can you shade exactly 1/4?)

Estimation180: again, another wonderful, visual site. Students make reasonable estimates, using “probably too high” or “probably too low” goal posts.  They can submit their estimates and their reasoning.  Also:  look at the clothesline activities.  Free printable clothesline numbers such as integers, fractions, and expressions.

Which One Doesn’t Belong: Inspires lively mathematical discussion and debate using mathematical reasoning.  Ready to use images make for a great mathematical routine.

101 Questions: So much fun!  This is a link to a spreadsheet with all kinds of interesting estimation and reasoning tasks using videos and images.

Would You Rather: Another good mathematical reasoning routine.

Open Middle: Select your grade and your topic.  Interesting challenges and puzzles in a visual framework appear.  An excellent “when you are finished” routine.

Graphing Stories: again, another visual one.  You are given a basic handout (grid) and asked to graph the video stories provided.

Susan’s Math Games: Handy site for games and puzzles!

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