Posted by: jwhiff | October 24, 2018

Good Math Games for Middle

Going on a search for good games.  I will be working with a colleague of mine to put together our own videos, but I needed a few in my back pocked to give me a start:

Math Dice (uses a target number generated by making one dice the base number and a second dice the exponent…students have to roll three dice and get as close to the target number as possible)

Math Race (students have a number line from 0-20.  They roll three dice that they use in any combination with any operations.  Answers are crossed off in order from the number line.  The first to have all numbers in the number line crossed off wins!)

Race to 100 (Remember this game?  How about a variation…race to 1!  You can use a chart with hundredths instead of whole numbers)

Will continue next post.

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