Posted by: jwhiff | September 12, 2018

First Step into a New Assessment Routine

Tried out a system for assessment and goal setting today. It went really well, but I have to remember a few things:

  1. Estimation was not easy.  It was overkill to expect an estimated answer for every yes question.
  2. Make a maybe pile.  I told the kids to include the maybe’s in the yes pile and that ended up being a mistake. Many ended up stuck on the maybe’s.  This feeling of stuck creates unnecessary stress.  Not that I am against kids practicing stress, I just think that they needed to be able to focus “can do” energy towards the yes pile and not get all hung up and negative about the maybe’s.  Plus, kids can shift maybe’s towards the yes pile once they are done tackling the yes questions.
  3. Map out the solving space more.  It was too hard for several kids to arrange things in empty space.   Plus, that way I can explicitly include an estimating space.

Otherwise, it was great.  Having kids cut and sort questions created this feeling of doing something right away, even for those who are not confident at math.  They were thoughtful (VERY) in the sorting process.

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