Posted by: jwhiff | July 13, 2018

MN1: Basketball

I’m trying to keep my Mystery Number titles plain and numbered to help you keep track.  I’ve also added categories under Mystery Numbers so that you have an idea about what you are getting.

Now! I’ve started with a list that interests my youngest son right now.  My goal in this endeavour is to have as many lists as possible, covering a wide range of topics and possible interests.  I’m hoping that you (teachers) will find lists that will match topics that you are covering in class.  I would link this one up with gym class, for sure.

Here’s the first list:











Remember that the kids should demonstrate some understanding of the numbers FIRST.  Get them to order the numbers, for sure.  You could also ask them to provide word forms, expand them and represent them in some way (build them, draw them, compare them). You can also break down place value (important when you have very large numbers or very small numbers with decimals).  What you decide to do should match your teaching focus.   By the way, copy and paste this list into a plain word document for them to see or use.  Don’t give students a link to this site.  Too much will be given away!

Next, the kids need to come up with the title of the list.  Here is a link to the site I used to find those numbers in the first place: Expert Source 1

To help them, they need to have an expert. I recommend that you select a student expert (or two).  It would be great if you can choose students who are keen on the topic.  Experts should be willing to research and understand the topic well enough that they can lead 20 questions.  They can also make a powerpoint for the BIG REVEAL.  It’s nice to have pictures and a visual count down.  Here is a sample:

Basketball Points

For now, just play 20 questions and come up with the title.  You can generate a basic title, or really specific. Now either provide them with the unit (in this case points) or have this emerge from a quick discussion about what might make sense in this case.

Once that they know the basic details, they need to brainstorm what they already might know about the topic.  They can do this in groups.  Hopefully you have been sneakily exposing them to some of this information in gym class.  This will give them something to remember come brainstorming time.

Play it out a little and see how the kids do.  Stuck?  Provide them with this randomized list of people, some correct and some way off:

Kobe Bryant

Sydney Crosby

Dirk Nowitzki

Elvin Hayes

Sergio Aguero

LeBron James

Brock Boeser

Moses Malone

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Michael Jordan

Shaquille O’Neal

Wayne Gretzky

Karl Malone

Wilt Chamberlain

John Horgan

See if they can whittle this down to the ones that make sense and then match the ones that make sense up with their numbers.

After you have played this out, time for the big reveal!  Remember that it would be nice to use a student-generated powerpoint to help with this. Then, follow up as student interest dictates!  There are a lot more interesting stats on the topic, plus all kinds of opportunities for reading and research.


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