Posted by: jwhiff | January 28, 2017

Critical Thinking and Liberal Democracy

We are fortunate to live in a liberal democracy.  In liberal democracies, people speak up for themselves and are heard by those in leadership positions.  This includes all people, whether they be male or female, elderly or young, disabled or able-bodied, rich or poor.  People don’t always agree with one another, but we expect that.  In the end, we try our best to seek the truth to help us make good decisions. The truth isn’t always obvious.  It takes effort to find.  We collect evidence over many years and consider the opinions of people who are experts.  This is called critical thinking.  Without this kind of thinking, we won’t discover the truth.  Without truth, there is no democracy.

I write a focus paragraph for my students once every two weeks.  It is the source of important vocabulary, spelling words and reading fluency practice.  It is alway about an important learning topic.  Thought I would share this one.

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