Posted by: jwhiff | January 24, 2017

Potlatch Masks

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-7-36-53-pmThis is the mask project my students are working on for the potlatch portion of the game.  They are beautiful, fun and easy to personalize.  They are also cheap and involve a lot of recycling.

Every student will need a medium-sized cereal box (or two, just in case), a roll of masking tape (1 for every 3 students works for me) and newspaper.

I’ve make a powerpoint with step by step instructions and photos.  Check it out and have fun!


By the way, you can make your own paper mâché paste.  I like the following recipe:

Mix 1 part flour with 5 parts water.  Boil (whisking steadily) until nice and thick.  Allow to cool before use 🙂

Why cook it?  It dries clear.


  1. Hi, Jennifer – I am really impressed with this project and all you are doing to make learning so exciting and relevant for your lucky students.

    ~ Ruth

    • Hi Ruth! Thanks so much. I’ve been enjoying writing posts again. I started doing this for a student teacher I had a year ago. Good way to share ideas and good way for me to refine my ideas.

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