Posted by: jwhiff | August 31, 2016

Rock Science Ideas

Here is another Powerpoint you are more than welcome to use:

Life of Rocks

It is a good way to start kids thinking about the rock cycle and I really like its simplicity.

My students had a good time collecting rocks off of the playground and then using pebble identification guides that I purchased in order to try to figure out whether they were sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous.  I highly recommend this handy dandy guide:


We also wrote poems about our rocks.  I wanted them to know that every rock has an epic, ancient story behind it.  So, the kids worked in groups to brainstorm as many ideas about how their rocks got here.  Then, they turned their favourite ideas into poems.  They were allowed to use ideas off of the list or come up with others.  Here is what our brainstorming looked like (and a sample poem that I put together in front of the kids using their ideas):

How did you get here, Rock?

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