Posted by: jwhiff | June 12, 2016

Quadrilaterals and Shape Shifters

IMG_0167I thought this lesson might be a little boring for my students. Really…how surprising and delightful can four-sided shapes really be?

Fortunately, Shape Shifters always allow for some puzzling and interesting challenges. Can you build a square using your Shifters? Can you prove it really is a square? How about a rhombus? Is a trapezoid possible?

By the way, I knew that it was possible to make 2 regular trapezoids, but thought it was impossible to make 1 regular trapezoid with all 12 Shifters. My clever students, however, figured out a way. See if your students can too.

As always, you are welcome to use and modify my PowerPoint on this topic. Remember to “view slideshow” as I created it to reveal tasks and answers a step at a time. Enjoy!


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