Posted by: jwhiff | May 12, 2016

A Mathematical Starting Place for Shape Shifters

Now that your class has created their Shape Shifters and had a chance to play around with them, they should know that they are engaging in some very serious math!!  You will find that they won’t believe you, even after you start into your geometry lessons.  They like it that much.

I start out by giving them language to describe the shapes they have created.  The first question we answer is “What is a polygon?” and then proceed to exploring angles.  I have created a powerpoint with discussion prompts and activities that you can use with your class in exploring this beginning concept.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.20.34 PM

Understanding Shapes 1

You are more than welcome to use what you like.  When you play the slide show, much of the text is hidden to allow students to focus on the image and answer the question in their own way.  Touch the space bar to make different parts of the slide appear.

Hopefully it will be interesting and fun for you and your students!



  1. Discovered your blog site and these lesson from the Vector magazine. Thank You! Fantastic lesson ideas!

    B.Leung Richmond BC

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