Posted by: jwhiff | November 7, 2013

Remembrance Day at Anmore

Today we had one of the most poignant ceremonies we have ever had at this school.  It was quiet, solemn and connected with our school.

A former student in the school, Corporal Tim Laidler, spoke to us about his story.  It began in Anmore and he recalled sitting on the gym floor just like all of the young students were doing today.  He then recalled his journey to becoming a soldier and making the decision to go to Afghanistan.  He spoke of sacrifice, bravery, and service.  He spoke of how difficult it can be coming home after experiencing war.  The need to keep serving.  The challenge of connecting with family.

Our choir sang, “In Flanders Fields” and did a beautiful job.  I am so glad I made the decision to include the gr.1’s and 2’s this year.  They really made the difference.  So many lovely little voices with such a powerful song.  They did a beautiful job.

Several young students spoke about their thoughts on war and this was very powerful!  I was so surprised and touched to hear their thoughts…how war is scary, how we can help…what it means for them.

We also have a wreath-laying ritual at our school.  Two students from each class placed a class-made wreath at the front of the gym while we sang the song “Till the Boys Come Home” (a school tradition).  It always makes me sad-pround.

Each part made me cry.

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