Posted by: jwhiff | August 7, 2013

Pretty Prague

imageI forgot all about Berlin the afternoon I stepped off the train and beheld Prague–an absolutely breathtaking beauty.

We flirted for an evening and into next morning.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the elegant spires, quaint alleyways  and graceful bridges.  What detail! What perfection! Like a fairytale dream city.

Then the repetitive trinket-shops started to get on my nerves.  Then the crowds.  Thai massage parlours.  TGI Fridays.  Hooters.  What a shame. I wanted to go back to Berlin.

Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there.  We decided to retreat to our hotel room partway through the day to figure out some meaningful way to spend the rest of our time in Prague.  It was hot, sunny and humid when we left the crowds.  When we returned and hour later, a huge storm had cleared the crowds and completely changed the atmosphere of the place to spooky and cool.  We ran from one carriageway to the next, giggling and soaked.

We watched a black light theatre show (famous in Prague) and the kids thought it was a riot. They also found a small pup in one of our many refuges and fell in love.  They went to bed at a reasonable time and left Stephen and I to enjoy a glass of wine and a nip of Becherovka (good for burning nostril hairs). So, after the disillusionment earlier in the day, we ended the evening feeling placated.

The next day was Quentin’s birthday and went really well.  Here is what we enjoyed:image

  • The lady at the Danish bakery.  She sang Happy Birthday to Quentin 3 times, gave him a special cookie and 2 plates of strawberries (one decorated with a whipped cream heart, the other with a number seven), and forced an American tourist to take our photo with her twice.  She also insisted on us buying a giant apple juice and chased us down the sidewalk to hug and kiss Quentin.  We were both delighted with the experience and happy to get out of there.
  • The space observatory. We hiked up a small mountain (a hill, really) to get there.  Two ladies ran the old telescopes (100 years +) and we saw Venus, solar flares and sunspots.
  • Being hot, tired, grumpy and hungry and then devouring smoked pork ribs, roasted duck, cabbage and lots of cold beer.
  • Playing “Guess what time it is now, mom!” with Quentin who was absolutely delighted with his new digital watch.

imageThat about does it! We flew back to the Netherlands the next day and now are savouring our final week here.


  1. Hey! Did Quentin receive our Bday wishes? Dad & I are sweating waiting for a ferry, 2 sailing wait! We had an incredibly awesome time traveling with Dave & family, Smithers was great! Weather was the best we could’ve hope for! Barkerville was a blast albeit the thunder, hail, & rain squalls. Camped outside of Lilliott last night & took the Duffy Lk road home. Picnicked at Porto Cove with the gang before heading for the boat (yes, no reservation). Weather continues to be hot! Krista’s wedding tomorrow & my washer is on the blink, isn’t life grand. Can’t wait for you to arrive home!!! Love, Mom & Dad

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