Posted by: jwhiff | July 26, 2013

Mediterranean Update #2

It’s been hard to find time to write what with all of the eating and relaxing and swimming.  Ischia is the first place we’ve been to where we simply haven’t found the time for sight-seeing. Or getting up early.

imageThe most productive things we have done since visiting the island are walking into town for the odd cappuccino and making some nice meals.  It hasn’t been difficult finding delicious, fresh ingredients here.

Dave and Stephen discovered a great little cheese and meat shop complete with charismatic owner.  He tells us about his stock in proud detail (not minding that we don’t speak Italian) and we obediently take his recommendations and return each day for more.

Today is our last full day here and we are trying to savour it intensely without being grumpy.  Everyone is having a little siesta right now (part of our rigorous daily routine) and then it’s back in the water.  The kids have been working on their lizard and fish-catching skills (with modest success) and even managed to scare a small snake into the house. It was a major event yesterday.  We shooed it out of the house with only minor cases of the shivers.  The snake was fine too.

Tomorrow it is on to Pompeii, which seems like a real chore now but should be fine once the spell is broken.


  1. Wow! Dad and I are sitting here enjoying our morning lattes thinking we are living the high life but I see there’s more… Rena, girls & Melissa & kids arrive tomorrow for the bridal shower. Dave was going to watch the kids but he is crazy busy with work, so…Dad built Velma & Lloyd some awesome steps out of drift wood, it took two afternoons to complete. Although not perfect they’re pretty special. The first evening we camped overnight at the property. The following morning Dad and I enjoyed coffee sitting on the bluff overlooking the bay, awesome! I see I’m the only one commenting so far. I know Rena is finding returning to work a bit overwhelming hopefully things will settle down once she’s back into the swing. The home inspection is being done this Sunday with the subjects being removed by Tuesday, keep your fingers crossed. They are so excited, who knew! Well I need to knuckle down & get some much needed house work done, we leave for Smithers Monday. We miss you all, enjoy Pompeii! Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Whaqt a vicarious pleasure to read of your adventures! I look forward to the next installment. You are a talented writer, Jen.

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