Posted by: jwhiff | July 24, 2013

Mediterranean Update

I don’t know how we ended up with such a perfect Italian villa on a beautiful, quiet tourist island in the Mediterranean…Stephen somehow got a deal and set up this lovely week for us.  I don’t get it still, but I’ll take it and try to savour it as time slips away.

imageOur journey here was memorable only because it took us through Napoli, which we were all a little afraid of for different reasons.  Dave and Jelena were worried about pickpockets and getting ripped off by unscrupulous taxi drivers. Stephen was worried about the kids getting away from us in this chaotic, rough city.  I was worried about crossing the busy, congested roads.  The kids were worried about finding Maridona Napoli football jerseys.  And we were all hungry with only a few hours to kill before catching a ferry to Ischia.

We did pretty well, all things considered.  Better than well.  The kids got their jerseys and stayed reasonably under control.  Stephen led us to the famous Da Michelle pizzeria for a super cheap and awesome lunch. I led the charge boldly across busy Napoli streets (like a local, or so I am told). And Dave and Jelena got some super deals on clothes and shoes AND got us two reasonable taxis to our ferry to paradise.

And now here we are!  Lots of swimming and looking for lizards and cooking and drinking wine and resting so far.image

Our neighbours invited the boys to come and play soccer too.  Famous Russian film producers and doctors.  Stephen talked hockey with our host (the film producer) and I sipped wine and added my two bits every now and then.  Then more swimming (in the buff for for the Russian boys, fully suited and slathered with sunscreen for the Canadians) followed by a giddy game of catch-the-swim trunks.  And we have another soccer date set for today at 5:00.


  1. We’ll definitely have to mark that location for future travel plans! Our weather continues to be awesome, we had a refreshing swim at Cameron Lake yesterday, didn’t want to come out of the water. Dad helped Grandpa with Mustang, he’s now resting in peace in a plot by the raspberries. Mom

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