Posted by: jwhiff | July 22, 2013

Rome in 2 Days??

We knew we weren’t spending enough time here when we first planned this portion of the trip.  And we were right….but it was still worth it.

Every hot, sweaty moment was filled with something.  We started with the Vatican (which was intensely busy but we imagehad prepaid tickets and thus bypassed a line up that must have been close to 1 km long).  We saw the famous Sistine Chapel and pushed through the various amazing parts of the Vatican museum with thousands of fellow tourists.  Sounds awful, but we actually had several great moments with the kids despite the crowds.

My favourite moment was when Quentin and Landon (in polite whispers) corrected my explanation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam (“the fingers aren’t touching, Mom.  The man is reaching to God, but can’t touch him.  The man’s name is Adam and he was the very first human that God made.”). It always gives me a thrill when my boys take something in and learn something new. I was surprised they could concentrate on their audio devices and look up at the frescos in that intense, heaving crowd of tourists.  I sure couldn’t! I was caught by the echoing whispers of the hundreds of people squeezed into the little chapel.  And I would only allow myself quick, looking up moments for fear of being separated from the boys somehow.

We also lingered in the museum’s contemporary art collections…they were beautiful and we had them almost entirely to ourselves.

imageThen it was on to a perfect Italian lunch.  We stumbled upon this place off the beaten track near the Spanish Steps. I was drawn in by the crate of fresh porcini mushrooms outside of the door and the locals enjoying themselves within. We weren’t asked whether or not we wanted wine.  A simple, “White or red?” was it and we were brought a whole bottle! I had the fresh mushroom pasta and Stephen had the best seafood risotto we have ever eaten. The kids were impressed too.  However, the best part was watching the parade of dishes brought out to a large family and the special attention a serious-looking group of men received from the proprietor of the restaurant.  Completely classic.

Over the rest of the two days (3 nights), we squeezed in the Spanish Steps, the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, Collosseum and the gang, Trastevere, and more resaurants.  Even some successful shopping. And a bladder infection. Oh…and a super storm (2 hours + of lightning and hail), late Roman party nights, and some kind of exuberant religious procession.

This morning we off to Napoli by train.  Not out of the whirlwind yet.


  1. Okay now we are really jealous!!! How awesome for all of you. Bladder infection, boo hiss…Dad & I are sitting outside by the propane fire pit (it’s actually lovely although doesn’t sound it) enjoying dessert & a we drop of scotch. Did I mention we billeted a young man from Glasgow? He was one of the soccer coaches for the soccer camp held here. Landon would have loved him although he was a tad difficult to understand. We had a lovely swim at Cameron lake this afternoon. Our weather has been stellar! Dad just finish making tsasiki you know the stuff that goes with pita, oh, he also made kale pesto, we enjoyed some this evening with pasta. Saturday is the shower for Krista, Rena, Melissa, Isla and Juniper are coming over for the occasion, should be fun. Monday or Tuesday we are Smithers bound. Looking forward to more of your adventures! Love, Mom and Dad

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