Posted by: jwhiff | February 3, 2013

Water in a Drainage Ditch

Yup.  Our Friday Adventure Walk was another hit, all because it is so much fun to follow flowing water in and out of pipes, under roads, and bubbling along the side of the road.

Again, kindergarteners remind me just how amazing the world is sometimes.  When was the last time I paid close attention to water in a ditch?  Probably way back when I was primary myself.  I had a moment on this walk when, suddenly, the childhood excitement of following flowing water, trying to figure out where it comes from (and where its going), came rushing back.  Like taking a sip from the fountain of youth.

My kindergarteners just kept noticing things and squealed out their discoveries throughout the walk.  Hey!  There’s grass waving in the water!  Wow!  The water is going so fast here!  Oh my gosh!  The water goes UNDER the road and keeps going over here!

So!  This coming week, we’ll be exploring what might float really well in the water.  Don’t you think it will be fun to float these little objects in the ditches and follow where they go?

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