Posted by: jwhiff | December 2, 2012

Imagination Table

IMG_1039Imagination stations are nothing new. Many primary classes have them. Basically, teachers keep bins full of odds and ends for the kids to put together any way that they wish.

I had one last year…I kept bits and pieces sorted in bins and the kids had access to these bins during play time. I wasn’t completely happy with it for 2 reasons. First, my students had a way of unsorting the bins. Second, popular items were regularly devoured en masse.

This year, I decided to use an old sand table and keep all of the bits and pieces together. The beauty of this is that I regularly need only sprinkle in bits of beads, foamy shapes, fluff balls and pipe cleaners (all stuff that costs me money) amongst the scraps of paper, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and old yogurt containers and I create a wonder box of hidden treasures! My k’s find it absolutely irresistible.

Interestingly, my imagination table now attracts equal numbers of girls and boys, whereas it used to attract mostly girls under the old format. Not sure if it is because I have a different class or if the format is simply more appealing to boys.

Anyway, it is by far the most popular afternoon playtime choice for my students. Their creations have become much more complex and divergent as well.


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