Posted by: jwhiff | November 30, 2012

Ready for Banking (Birdie Banks are done!)

IMG_1050Today we put the finishing touches on our birdie banks.  Believe it or not, these are super easy and fun to do with K’s.  It is the traditional paper-mache-over-a-balloon project, although I use extra small water balloons.  This is much more manageable with K’s.  I also do one layer of newspaper and then use scraps of coloured paper (the stuff you normally apply to bulletin boards works well. Construction paper doesn’t).  Then finishing them is simply a matter of poking a few holes for feathers and feet, plus gluing on eyes, wings and beaks.  Ta-da!

This allows us to enter the banking portion of the Allowance Project.  First, I asked the parents to donate a handful of nickels and dimes each.  I make little booklets for the kids to use to keep track of deposits.  I have to tweak the one I used last year, as I included quarters last year.  This year, it made more sense to stick with nickels and dimes only (based on their number sense readiness).

I’ll let you know exactly how it worked out soon.  Here is a link to the book for you to use if you wish!

My Bank Book

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