Posted by: jwhiff | November 24, 2012

Awesome Idea of the Week: Mortars and Pestles!

Yup.  I bought a couple of these from Ikea for $12 bucks each.  Nice ones too.

My thought was that I could buy whole spices…stuff that looks like I found it outside (bark, cones and seeds).  How satisfying to bash that stuff up and how surprising to get a nose full of amazing smells!

The kids absolutely loved it.  I figure I could start a spice-grinding business with K’s providing free, willing labour.  I couldn’t believe how much they enjoyed absolutely pulverizing the stuff down to the finest powder.  They liked mixing the smells as well.

I didn’t add water this time, but probably will in the future.  Messy fun!  By the way, the class permanently smells like chai tea now.  An added benefit.

Oh…and even though I was patting myself on the back for coming up with a “highly original idea”, turns out it isn’t.  Friendly Forest Preschool beat me to it!  However, they limit the spice grinding to Christmas baking.  I say: Let them grind spices all year round, just for the sheer sensory pleasure of it!  A great addition to the kindergarten “5 senses” science outcomes too.

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