Posted by: jwhiff | August 2, 2012

All is Well in Rovinj and Pula

Just a quick little update! We’re having a great time in Rovinj. It is hot hot here on the coast, so we’ve been spending most of our time near the water. There are lots of nice beaches to choose from, each with a slightly different character. The kids love them all. Quentin jumps out of bed early every morning and gets ready before everyone else. He lost his first tooth, by the way. Landon has a nice golden tan on the parts I allow him to expose to the sun. I didn’t know that he had this ability! Both boys are playing together so well. They really needed some uninterrupted playtime.

We made a trip into Pula today for a little change of pace, too. We toured the Roman arena and then enjoyed a decent lunch in the old centre. It was too hot to do much city touring, so we made a stop at Premantura, a penninsula park known for its sinuous, rocky beaches. We snorkled, watched the boys as they watched hermit crabs and then taught them how to skip stones. The kids were all out of steam when we got home in the evening, so I stayed with them and let the other adults go out for a bite to eat. I haven’t had much quiet time to myself this past month, so I was happy when Stephen agreed that it made the most sense.

We have one more day here. Saturday we will be up early to drive back to Munich to return our car, then we catch the overnight train back to Den Haag. I’m starting to dream about being home…I can’t wait to see everyone again. Goodnight!


  1. Everyone is arriving for the Anniversary celebration and the weather is prediction is hot, hot, hot! Dad and I could imagine ourselves with you guys in Pula, we so enjoyed our brief time there. Tell Quentin we are pleased to know he actually lost a tooth! I know he was concerned at one time he wouldn’t. Looking forward to getting together and browsing your many pictures. Drive carefully… Mom

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