Posted by: jwhiff | July 15, 2012

Traffic Jam from Munich to Zagreb

Yup. The title about says it all. It was a painful 10 hour journey that should have only been around 6. Well…we were in cool, wet weather in a nice vehicle with friends. Not so painful, really. Just long and crampy. We will be in Zagreb until Tuesday.

Extra things I forgot to mention in earlier posts:
1. Someone peed our bed at the Old Rectory. Stephen noticed our bed was damp on the first night. We immediately called up our hostess and got her to check it out. We finally figured out that the guests prior to us had had a rather large accident and flipped over the mattress. The urine then travelled up the side of the mattress, infusing our clean sheets with dampness and a special scent. We ended up with some free wine out of the deal and we will be enjoying that wine here in Zagreb shortly.

2. We saw a dog wheel in a pub in Lacock. What’s a dog wheel? Before seeing it, my guess was that a dog was leashed to some kind of wheel that turned a spit. Turns out, I was not too far off. It is a large hamster wheel built for a special kind of dog bred in medieval times called a “turnspit” dog. The wheel did indeed turn a spit! Sadly, it was not still in operation. Something to think about though, eh Dad?

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