Posted by: jwhiff | July 15, 2012

Sunday In Zagreb

We needed a day to take it easy and today we got one. Zagreb is certainly not London…the locals far outnumber the tourists. The cafes were open, but not much else, so we ended up cafe hopping throughout the day. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

The cafe culture is alive and well here. It is supposedly one of the last European cities to have such a thing in a purely authentic way. This, I am certain, is due to the lack of tourists. A bit of a catch-22 to be sure. Zagreb would love to have the tourists, but the lack thereof is what makes Zagreb an especially nice place to visit. It is an attractive city in a turn-of-the-century Austro-Hungarian influenced kind of a way. The buildings were obviously neglected for enough years to cause plaster facades to crumble and fade, but many are being cleaned and restored as Croatia becomes more and more a “have” country.

Anyway, we wandered through interconnected parks and through the very quiet city centre. Unfortunately, one of our nice cafe stops turned nighhtmarish when a stray cat the boys had been watching from our table (a tiny, confused, unhealthy little thing) was run over by a car. It was a traumatic scene. I tried to keep Quentin from seeing the poor little thing flailing around, but he kept pulling away. We all sat in numb silence after she finally died. Throughout thr remainder of the day, the boys needed to talk about it over and over again, they felt so badly. Mommy, do you remember the kitty that died…?

We ended the day with an unusually high-priced and unsatisfying meal. The little boys were tired and the big boys were cranky. I read the little boys a story (an English series about a family of meerkats that they absolutely love) and that salvaged the end of our relaxing Sunday in Zagreb. Now for some wine….


  1. Please tell me they replaced your mattress with a new clean one, wine would not of satisfied me! Yuck!!! How sad for the boys to witness a poor kitty die is such a horrible way. We so enjoyed chatting with you today, made my day for sure. We look forward to your return and all the photos as well as commentary. Miss you all. Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Glad you all are having a great time, despite this early lesson on the circle of life! We all miss you and the kids are lonely for playdates after our return from family camp. We came home to exciting news – Madison got into the environmental school! Gonna sign the transfer paper this week. She’s so excited – I’m feeling hopeful for a positive learning experience all around! Love reading your posts – safe and happy travels!

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