Posted by: jwhiff | July 11, 2012

Highclere Castle and Lacock

Stephen tackled the foreign driving experience like an old pro today. This does not surprise me. I, myself, carried the stress of the whole new experience. And the point of this, you might ask? I suppose I see it as my contribution. My incessant worrying influences the workings of the universe and keeps us safe and sound.

Our first stop was the stunning Highclere Castle, more popularly known as Downton Abbey (at least to Masterpiece Theatre nerds). We battled hordes of English seniors to get a look at the famous house and grounds. We were all wishing we had it to ourselves. It was an elegant statement of old power and wealth, to be sure. Stephen and I had a good discussion on how the English power structure has changed over time. It seems to us that every place we go whispers important stories. You go around corners and down corridors and the whispers overlap, there are so many stories. The only way to catch them is to stand still for a moment and listen.

After a nice tea (now our excuse for enjoying clotted cream and scones), we made our way to Lacock. We are staying at an old farmhouse B&B called the Rectory on the edge of the village. The wobbling medieval village was used in the Harry Potter movies (remember Diagon Alley?). It is beautiful and sleepy. We enjoyed a nice lunch (the food has been delicious and old-fashioned so far)and explored the village at the necessary sleepy pace.

After a little nap and nip of mead, we will be off to dinner in the village to enjoy yet another traditional English meal. Feeling pretty content right now!

By the way, I’m still struggling to post up pictures. Internet has been spotty and I’m using my phone to write posts! Bear with me.


  1. Jennifer, your description of worrying sent chills through me as that is exactly what I feel! I can’t say it enough how much we appreciate reading of your adventures, makes us long to be with you. Keep them coming…Love to all, Mom and Dad

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