Posted by: jwhiff | July 9, 2012

Hello From London!

We were up early early this morning and off on tram, train, and jet to London. The flight was mercifully short, although ended with quite a bump. The boys cheered…I’m glad that they don’t seem to be infected with my fear of flying!

We landed at Southend. The airport tends to fill first-time visitors to England with confidence as it is tiny and thus completely under-whelming. The train to London is obvious and came without delay. Our train tickets were good for the London Underground for the whole day, so we were pretty much ready to rock! I actually liked the tube…it seems so complicated, but they give you all the info you need at each station and I didn’t have any worries about safety. Much better than the metro in Paris!

We had a good pub lunch and wandered from Kensington Palace to Buckingham Palace, through several parks, and then on to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Parlaiment. There is a crazy tourist vibe wherever you go. I’m not sure we saw or heard any locals once we entered the centre of the city! Still, it’s neat to see all of these places that have held a space in my imagination since the time I was very young.

Tomorrow we’re off to Picadilly Circus to buy football jerseys for the boys and then to London Tower for the full tour. I’ll make sure I pop some pics in tomorrow’s post. Computer’s a little slow and we only get 30 mins of free Internet at our hotel!


  1. Wow, somehow I thought you were heading to London on Wednesday. You have to tell the boys Ozzie has decided the pond is his swimming pool! Pretty funny to watch him, the bad part is he rolls in the dirt afterwards!!! We took him to the beach for a swim which he enjoyed too. Dad laid the tile on the front porch, looks awesome. Well you guys have a fabulous time in England, look forward to seeing the pics.

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