Posted by: jwhiff | July 8, 2012

See It All In Madurodam!

We finally got to see the Alkmaar cheese market! In fact, we took in all the great sights of the Netherlands without even setting foot in a train!  Does it really matter that they were all very tiny? It actually adds a great deal to their charm and makes touring a whole lot more palatable for the kids.

Madurodam is a pretty quirky tourist attraction.  We have been there before, although felt it was worth another go given the fact that the kids were both very small last time we had been.  Plus we were still feeling a little guilty for dragging them out to Alkmaar when they were still so jet lagged.  The walk to Madurodam was relatively short and took us through a nice park with trails and playgrounds.  We were drenched in a surprise downpour, but that seemed like an adventure to the kids.

Madurodam itself has been updated to include many hands-on activities that were genuinely fun and kept them busy for hours.  They had mini canals and locks for the kids to move boats through, mini cranes to load  mini containers onto mini ships, cheese to lift, and playground equipment to survive.  The Dutch are masters at creating really fun, but really dangerous playground equipment.  A great time was had by all, even in wet clothes.  And even with a few crushed fingers and sore backs.


  1. Brings back memories, looks as though you got more out of Madurodam than your Dad and I. The weather can sure surprise you. We really appreciate your blogs keep them coming!!!

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