Posted by: jwhiff | June 6, 2012

Allowance Project

I’m getting ready for the charity portion of the allowance project.  In the allowance project, we cover the three S’s: save, share, spend.

Everyday, the children earn real pennies doing 4 basic jobs:

-watering their plant and putting it by the windowsill

-cleaning up recess snack and tucking in their chair

-cleaning up lunch mess and tucking in their chair

-putting their planner into the planner bin

I never give pennies for essential listening and helping behaviours.  They earn allowance for things they tend to forget to do perfectly.  It is nice to have a simple incentive to help the children brush up on those helpful, but ultimately not essential, jobs.

Pennies earned turn into dimes, quarters and nickels (which were sent in by parents and are kept safe in the “bank”).  These coins are saved in child-made “birdie banks”.  Plus, the children keep track of their savings by making note of their deposits in a simple “bank books”.  Any extra pennies are spent in our classroom store.  It is full of stickers, pencils, pretty rocks and other odds and ends.  Pennies that are spent are collected and donated to charity.  Yes, we are a non-profit classroom!  Tomorrow, I am showing the class a video on Children’s Hospital.  It is our class charity focus.  Here’s the video:

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