Posted by: jwhiff | August 4, 2011

I’m On A Boat!

Our first day in Dubrovnik was pretty unreal.

Dubrovnik  itself is an over-the-top sort of place.  It is ancient, shining, and barnacle-like with fortifications that kept it an independent republic over the centuries. No small feat in times when the Ottoman Empire dominated the Balkans, the Austro-Hungarian Empire pushed south through the Dalmation Coast, pirates swarmed the Adriatic and the Venetians ruled coastal trade and subjugated the Croatian people.   It has now, however, been completely taken over by tourists and surrounded on all sides by yachts and cruise ships.

Crazily, we were able to coordinate a day with my mom and dad, who just happened to be in the neighbourhood.  They started their vacation here in Dubrovnik and, since our schedules serendipitously lined up, we spent some good, old-fashioned family time with them and their good friends who happen to have….a boat!  And not just any boat–a crazy, luxurious yacht-boat.

They whisked us away from the tourist crowds on their little taxi boat early this afternoon.  Jelena couldn’t stop smiling the whole way.  We were all pretty psyched because we really wanted to see this famous boat that my parents are going to spend the next couple of weeks on.  Plus, the coast here is just so gorgeous.  We wanted to see it from the azure-blue waters.

We spent the afternoon and evening swimming, lounging, eating, drinking and being merry.  I tried very hard to slow down time in order to make the experience last for as long as I could.  Alas, here I am recalling it as I knew I eventually would be.  Landon and Quentin enjoyed it thoroughly, but had no clue how special it was.  Tourists actually took pictures of us as they passed by on their little excursions.  Ah!  Lifestyles of the rich and famous!

When we got back to the apartment later in the evening, giddy with disbelief, Stephen found us a video that perfectly matched our experience.  Rena and Zach showed us this video a couple of weeks ago, and we had very little appreciation for it at the time.  We get it now, however.   If you can, it’ll give you an idea at just how excited we were to be on the boat.  A big thanks to Hetty and Ron!  What an awesome day.

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