Posted by: jwhiff | July 25, 2011

Rotterdam and Copenhagen

Our final day in the Netherlands was spent mostly lazying around Dave and Jelana’s place, although we did manage to get out to Rotterdam in the late afternoon.  Why Rotterdam?  Well, it was rainy and miserable and Rohan has a great place in Rotterdam.  We figured that if the rainy, miserable weather continued we would simply hang out there!  So off we went, much later than we should have.

Our first stop-a posh Vietnamese restaurant called “Vii”-ended up being our first really great food experience of the trip (other than the great meals at Dave and Jelena’s, of course).  I’ve never really experienced up-scale Vietnamese cuisine before, so it was really a treat.  All of the dishes were familiar, but made with very high quality ingredients and attention to presentation.  I loved the salad rolls in particular.  They contained some kind of sprouts that had a kick to them…I would guess some kind of radish sprout or something.  Anyway, it was a satisfying meal and the kids did well.

We wandered over to Rohan’s house next.  He is renting this awesome apartment with three floors, connected together with insanely steep Dutch steps.  They made Quentin dizzy, so he was happy to stay away from them, although Landon took it upon himself to practice descending and ascending straight away.  We decided video games might keep him in one spot.  For the next hour or so, Dave, Stephen, Rohan (providing moral support), Landon and Quentin played soccer on the PS3.  Not much fun for me, but relaxing.  Plus it was nice to see all of the boys playing together so well!  We finished up our time in Rotterdam wandering around the old port to see the view and then headed back to the train.
We were late, late, late coming home.  There was something blocking the track, so we ended up having a quick bite to eat at the train station while the problem was cleared up.  We ended up finally getting home at around 10:00, quickly threw the boys into bed, and sat up for some sour-cherry birthday tart with Jelena.  At 1:00 am, we thought it might be best to go to bed given that we needed to get up bright and early for our flight to Copenhagen.  Landon was still awake (agh!!).  Our clocks are all still a little messed up, but Landon is definitely having the toughest adjustment.

So!  We woke up dutifully before 7:00am, caught the train to Schiphol and were up, up, and away along with a bunch of young scouts from Brazil and Africa.  Copenhagen was buzzing with thousands of young scouts from all over the world.  We walked right into a big, international scouting jambouree!  It looked like a lot of fun, but we were on a mission to get to our apartment.  So, through the crowds of scouts we waded and, after a short metro ride and iPad consultation, were at our lovely, eccentric apartment in downtown Copenhagen.  None of the floors are anywhere near level.  In fact, you must walk down hill to get from one side of the apartment to the other (or uphill depending on the direction).  The location is amazing.  We won’t have to don wheels for any of our sight seeing over the next four days.

Dragon Playground at Kongens Have/Rosenborg Palace

Phew!  This is what happens when I skip a writing day!  Anyway, we only did a short park visit with the kids and got the pair to bed as early as possible so far.  Oh…and we had crazy-big hamburgers at a famous Danish cafe.  They were the most expensive hamburgers we have ever eaten (about $20 each).  We expected the price, but not the huge size, so everything evened out to that nice, slightly uneasy feeling of overspending, but coming out full.

There you are!  I’ll write again tomorrow.


  1. Oh my gosh, thanks for all your news! Dad and I arrived home from our quick trip to Rena and Zach’s. Poor Isla was not feeling well, she was running a fever and was not into getting into a dress to go to the park for all her birthday festivities. Dad and Rena were dropped off at the park to get the picnic shelter decorated while I tried to convince Isla the dress was a good idea and let Juniper get a few more zzz. Isla won out and just as well as she really felt the cold. She was a good girl and I think for the most part enjoyed the birthday fun. She woke up at 3:00 am and as neither Rena and Zach appeared to have heard her I got up with her. She had filled her diaper (whew, the smell) and wanted to watch Elmo. Got her into bed with us and she finally feel asleep until 6:00 am. We are home now, got the 10:40 am ferry, pretty tired. Dad and I drove up to Port Alberni to North Is. College where he registered for the course, yeah! We are waiting to hear if all is in order, whether he needs to upgrade or anything, hopefully not. Other than that we are getting organize to leave. Tell Steve we went to the VBCE on West Pender and purchased Euros and Kunas while we were over. Give our love to the boys, hope to see you soon. Love Mom

  2. Hi whiffins! Love reading about your travels & living vicariously … Although now I feel I can’t complain about the weather we’ve been having, which is far too fall-like for July, but at least no rain 🙂 like mom already said Isla had an awesome bday party, although she missed Landon & quinton. The boys would have loved smashing the bumble bee piñata! She was under the weather, but still managed to enjoy a “hoc-hoc cukcake” & open a few gifties with much appreciation “Hank-you!”. We had a good time – something like 45 people were there, crazy. Zach is anxiously awaiting to hear from burnaby school
    District. We’re hopeful cause they’ve called all his references & employer – ah I hope he gets it!! Glad that you are enjoying yourself & look forward tonreading more… Hope you get some sun 🙂
    Love you all!

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