Posted by: jwhiff | June 23, 2011

A Beautiful Day for a Poetry Walk

Ah!  What a great day.  I decided to try one last time to head out to Buntzen and met with success today–no more twisted ankles, rain, and flooded bridges.  It was all smooth sailing!

I was so happy to have my parent volunteers witness the peaceful focus of kids out in nature!  After a good walk from the school and a couple of stops to point out some common plants, it took the kids about 5 minutes to select a nice spot in the woods and settle down for a block of poetry writing.  Other than giving them parameters on where they could sit and with whom, all of my students settled into complete silence and focus without a word from me the whole time.  Nothing but birds and the breeze through the trees.  Heaven!

The sound is very important, by the way.  I tried to take my kids out to the forest on the edge of our playground, but the school noises (septic buzzing, chatter from children in gym outside) kept it from working properly.  The kids simply couldn’t settle into that much needed feeling of solitude.

As usual, some of my most reluctant writers produced writing they could be proud of.  I’m not after perfection, by any stretch.  I love for those ideas to flow and I love to be surprised by what they come up with.  I have some amazingly talented young poets in my class.

Again, I am so glad that I gave this one last shot.  It feels like a nice, graceful exit for me.  Ideally, I would have liked to head back to the Inlet one last time, but there are just so many other commitments at my school…really from April on.


  1. Hi Jennifer!

    your blog is a wonderfully personal account of a year of outdoor experiences you had with your class at the inlet! I’m so glad Ruth shared it with me and the Young Naturalists’ Club of BC. What a gift you’ve given your students!

    Yours in nature,
    Kristine Webber, Executive Director
    Young Naturalists’ Club of BC

    “the human child in nature may be the most important indicator species of future sustainability” -Richard Louv 2006

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