Posted by: jwhiff | November 1, 2010

Movement on the Portfolio Front

Admittedly, last week wasn’t terribly exciting for me on the science front.  I was focused on using our laptops for portfolios.  I didn’t enjoy our time with the laptops.  They are such a wonderful resource, but, ack!  They never work well.  I’m always running around trying to figure out why passwords are rejected, why the Internet is not working, why work disappears and why they suddenly turn themselves off!  However, the kids really want to persevere.  So, therefore…so must I.

They love the web application I have chosen for our portfolios: Glogster.  It allows them to create digital posters with all kinds of neat backgrounds, text boxes and graphics.  They can also easily add photos, web links and video to their posters.  We have just started using the tool for our learning in science.  This week, I had them add photos about our field trip and about the concept of habitat.  They bugged me all week for their next turn.  I love their enthusiasm and the look of the posters.  I am not convinced that I am going to get much depth when all I can focus on is computer problems during their portfolio work time, but I might get there yet.

I also had the kids use the notes they wrote on the field trip to create maps of the shoreline.  This was a good (and necessary) follow-up.  Their maps were detailed and definitely made good use of their notes.  Many are still working on completing them and I will give them some time this coming week.

This week will be much more exciting.  I collected samples of mud from different parts of the beach this weekend and we are going to compare them and see how the various samples behave in water.  Rod MacVicor is also coming in to meet the class this Tuesday.  The kids will be interviewing him and taking notes.  Then…another field trip!  We’ll be off in the boat this time, exploring the life in and around the Reed Point Education Centre.


  1. when you say that students work is disappearing are they saving them to their documents or their server?
    Because if they are saving there work to their documents if the computer crashes they lose their work because documents are stored only on the computer it was saved on where if you save it on your server the students can access it from any computer in the school

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