Posted by: jwhiff | September 27, 2010

Taking Meaningful Steps Together

Today I had a great meeting with one of our scientist/mentors, Ruth Foster.  We shared all kinds of great ideas for what will be our first steps together and where we could potentially go with the project.  As we spoke, I felt happily overwhelmed by the awareness that my students and I will get to work with and be inspired by an incredible team of individuals.  I still can’t believe how fortunate I am to have Ruth– an amazing teacher and evironmentalist–on board.

This week, I am going to pursue an opportunity that Ruth made me aware of.  Specifically, I’m going to try to rally a group of my kids and their parents to interview any willing Old Timers that can share their stories of the Inlet at the annual Ioco Ghost Town Day this Sunday.  A huge part of understanding the present health of the Inlet is having insight into the Inlet in the past.  Ruth knew a couple of interesting stories herself, but how exciting to hear from the people who lived here during the early days of boom in the Port Moody region.  When I suggested that my class should perhaps take an additional field trip to our local museum for some extra stories, Ruth let me know that the museum, apart from having insight into the industry on the inlet, is needing these kinds of stories to develop a clearer picture of local history.

So, this represents an interesting opportunity.  Perhaps we can not only gain insight for our own purposes, but also help build knowledge of local history by gathering stories first hand!  It would be incredible to create a story of the Inlet past and present through our investigations.  We might have something very exciting to share with the community.

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