Posted by: jwhiff | September 19, 2010

A Place to Start

I have already embarked on this Science journey, since it is September and two weeks of the school year have already gone by!  Although I know that this probably represents the biggest, most exciting idea that I have ever had for Science in my classroom, the beginning of this journey has been less than revolutionary.  My students know that we will be studying something in the curriculum related to habitats and natural communities.  They have been told that they will behaving like scientists.  But they have yet to set foot in the place that will become our second classroom: the mudflats situated on the Port Moody wing of the Burrard Inlet.  The kids are excited, but require proof.

I have also mentioned the names of our panel of willing scientists: Ruth, Rod, Rob and Ron.  I have not spoken to them in a face-to-face format yet.  I have corresponded with Ruth and Ron via email.  The other two have been pulled into the panel through association.  They will be working with us.  Helping us figure out what is in the mud and helping us understand the natural rhythms of this environment.

So really, all I have is a good idea and some willing contacts.  The scary, interesting stuff is yet to come.  I am forcing myself to take those next steps by asking for face to face meetings with my scientist mentors.  I am also taking my class to the inlet for a real introduction.


  1. This study is so exciting! I can tell you will be a wonderful early childhood teacher, because you are so good at allowing the children to discover, and helping them to make meaning from what they observe! This must have been really fun! Good luck with K1, I hope you love it!

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